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Medical Simulation At SIMs

Saskatoon Institute for Medical Simulation

  • Book your simulation in SIMS new and innovative environment.

  • Warm, inviting real-life environment.

  • Featuring state-of the art equipment and technology.

  • SIMS is conveniently located on the east side of Saskatoon with ample parking.

  • SIMS has four areas for medical simulation:

​                1. An acute care room- can simulate a patient room, ER room, or OR theatre

                2. An outpatient room- can simulate a clinic room, exam or treatment room,

                    or an infusion room 

                3. A quiet room- can simulate an interview room, mental health

                    room, disclosure room or a waiting room

                4. Two classrooms areas that can be set up for task training,diverse

                    scenarios and settings including home care, outdoor settings